\ ‘al-kə-mist \ 

A power or process of transforming something common into something special. An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting. 

Founded in 2007, Alchemist is a retail concept that brings together the synergetic cultural world of fashion, design, art and architecture. With three locations - two located in the Herzog and de Meuron designed 1111 Lincoln Road and the other, a fine jewelry store in the Miami Design District - the mission for each space is to provide a surreal landscape for patrons to discover a curated selection of unique and exclusive product. Designed by Miami based firm Rene Gonzalez Architect, each store was conceived to integrate into its own surroundings while keeping a consistent spirit. Through our passionate language of work, we hope to allow clients a hub to look, touch, feel and think in a unique transformative state of mind.

Welcome to the world of Alchemist.

7814 NE 4 CT, Suite 102