Serenite Luxury Monaco has been working since 2006 to upscale contemporary furniture, create fully-modular design and find out the best options for all your indoors and outdoors.

Like the greatest jewelers, our brand offers its customers expertise in bespoke creation.

The Serenite Luxury Monaco team manages your project and advise you in shaping your project from start (sketches, models, prototypes, design) to end (fabrication, delivery and installation).

It develops for all of its customers technical tools such as layout plans and visual projections, sketches and 3D models allowing them to follow the advancements at every stage of the project. These various exchanges with the team make the project more accessible and allow customers to project themselves better in the final realization.

Also, our team of experts is continually experimenting new materials and new designs to create the most elegant result, with uniqueness and competitive prices.

Co-chairman & developer USA

+1 768 230 1044

+1 305 586 3416

7636 NE 4th Ct. # 112 Miami - FL 33138