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Keep Stilt Walking

is an entertainment company that combines the passion of theater and the art of stilt walking.


Meet the artist

Soraya’s journey began in Paris, France. She acquired over 15 years experience in theater and 10 years experience in stilt walking. Based in Paris, she worked with international companies through out Europe, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, and as far as Qatar, Argentina, Canada, and Japan. Soraya gained valuable experience, performing, sharing laughter and captivating audiences.

Now Soraya is based in Miami, Florida. She has created her own company which combines her passion for theater and the art of stilt walking.  She has designed costumes and created characters that fuse the charisma of theater, the spontaneity of improvisation, and the art of street performance.  

KSW's Stilt Walkers, Dancers, Musicians, Actors, and Champagne Table look forward to being part of your Wedding, Birthday, Corporate Event, La Hora Loca, Quince, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, or your Sweet Sixteen and help transform your event into an unforgettable, awe inspiring, surreal celebration.