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Situated in Miami's Upper Eastside neighborhood, in the Palm Grove Historic District, IRONSIDE is a vibrant, mixed-use urban center developed by visionary Ofer Mizrahi, with over 60 showrooms and shops, galleries and gardens, co-working spaces and fitness studios.

IRONSIDE is a uniquely landscaped environment lined with Rainbow Eucalyptus trees and dotted with South Florida native honey bee and butterfly patches along the outdoor piazzas - all part of the pattern language of pathways linking shops with cafes, restaurants, and recreation.

Sustainable Site

IRONSIDE is a sustainably crafted campus designed to foster future friendly practices that implement the use of recycled and upcycled materials.  As a SITES-certified applicant with the United States Green Build Council (USGBC), IRONSIDE implements measures to protect eco-systems and provide wildlife habitats, reduce energy consumption and conserve water, improve air quality and overall health benefits, as well as offer outdoor recreation opportunities like the popular Bocce Ball Court.

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Ofer Mizrahi has been an active leader in Miami product and place making development projects for 20 years.  Mizrahi has an eye, a vision, a forward thinking style of frame, format and future. His first interior design project was a "future forward" product showroom in the Miami Design District before it was considered a safe place to frequent, and which is now known for luxury retail as the Miami Design District.  Shortly thereafter he revitalized a "brownfield" warehouse facility in an adjacent neighborhood to be a focal point for art exhibits and events.  The area is now the very popular Wynwood, art district.

Always looking ahead, the warehouse district, alongside the Florida East Coast railroad in Miami's Upper Eastside Palm Grove neighborhood, became a focal point for creative design projects that serve the people and places - and has since become the home to the IRONSIDE project which encompasses numerous blocks, buildings and businesses which form an enclave, a European-style village complex.  IRONSIDE is an ongoing organic development which can be modified to accommodate the needs of the community at large and the cultural shifts in art, architecture and design trends. 

Once honored by March of Dimes Building Our Community Awards for “Community Excellence in Architecture & Engineering,” and referred to by The Wall Street Journal as a pioneer in the community with regard to “seeing the value of eco-friendly construction materials, and in so doing, he encourages businesses to set new standards in green architecture and design."

Wired Magazine’s October 2014 interview with architect and industrial artist Ron Arad was quoted as saying about Mizrahi, " is it an oxymoron to say he's an idealistic developer? Anyway, he might be one."  Florida Sun Lifestyle Magazine's fall 2017 article Destinations, refers to Mizrahi as "Maestro" and "a visionary of the first hour."

Creative Community


Miami IRONSIDE is more than just a creative community – it's a mixed-use complex with amenities - restaurants, recreation, retail shops, showrooms for hire and more. IRONSIDE is also home to over 60 creative industry businesses.










Art & Design

IRONSIDE is committed to curating the experience, to align the creative vision with the passion for destination place making.  Our art and design in public places and sustainable garden project is an ongoing effort to promote and engage international talent and best practices, providing a platform to exhibit work in a unique setting.

Arboretum & Gardens

The IRONSIDE Arboretum hosts the largest private collection of Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in the region and the entire campus is lined with Poincianas, Live Oaks, Coconut Palms and more.  Perimeter landscaping includes Climbing Jasmine, Creeping Fig and multi-colored Bougainvilla at every turn.

The IRONSIDE Gardens showcase a self sustaining natural habitat for bees and butterflies.  Enjoy the experience of being immersed as you walk through the gateway entry to the piazza and encounter a congregation of Monarch, Zebra Longwings, Gulf Frittillary and Giant Swallowtail butterflies flittering about.  Specialty plantings include: Milkweed varieties (Monarch host plant), Corky stem (Zebra Host plant, native), Wild coffee (Native), Scorpion tail (Native), Gaillardia (Native), Sea ox-eye daisy (Native), Beauty berry (Native), Wild sage (Native), Coontie (Native), Pineland Croton (Native), Tickseed (Native), Pineapple thistle (Native), Tropical sage (Native), Beach Verbena (Native), Blue love grass (Native), Bush Aster (Native), Sweet Almond Bush, Aloe, Giant Passonfruit, Edible Passionfruit, Citronella, Rosemary, Basil, Lemongrass, Cranberry Hibiscus. 

Urban Oasis in Miami's Upper Eastside


At Miami IRONSIDE, we believe a truly global community shouldn't be gated or fenced in – it should seamlessly meld into its surroundings and that is exactly what we have created with lush foliage.  As a park-like enclave, a hidden gem, IRONSIDE showcases exemplary sustainable design and infrastructure.  One block from the City of Miami's Manatee Bend Park, IRONSIDE provides a landmark border for the area running 6 blocks along the railroad tracks of the NW quadrant of Palm Grove.