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Ofer Mizrahi has been an active leader in Miami product and place making development projects for 20 years.  Mizrahi has an eye, a vision, a forward thinking style of frame, format and future. His first interior design project was a "future forward" product showroom in the Miami Design District before it was considered a safe place to frequent, and which is now known for luxury retail as the Miami Design District.  Shortly thereafter he revitalized a "brownfield" warehouse facility in an adjacent neighborhood to be a focal point for art exhibits and events.  The area is now the very popular Wynwood, art district.

Always looking ahead, the warehouse district in Miami's Upper Eastside Palm Grove neighborhood, became a focal point for creative design projects that serve the people and places - and has since become the home to the IRONSIDE project which encompasses numerous blocks, buildings and businesses which form an enclave, a European-style village complex.  IRONSIDE is an ongoing organic development which can be modified to accommodate the needs of the community at large and the cultural shifts in art, architecture and design trends. 

Once honored by March of Dimes Building Our Community Awards for “Community Excellence in Architecture & Engineering,” and referred to by The Wall Street Journal as a pioneer in the community with regard to “seeing the value of eco-friendly construction materials, and in so doing, he encourages businesses to set new standards in green architecture and design."

Wired Magazine’s October 2014 interview with architect and industrial artist Ron Arad was quoted as saying about Mizrahi, " is it an oxymoron to say he's an idealistic developer? Anyway, he might be one."  Florida Sun Lifestyle Magazine's fall 2017 article Destinations, refers to Mizrahi as "Maestro" and "a visionary of the first hour."