Meet Filip Karto: THE artist of upcycling fashion #IronsideMakers

An artist at heart, he uses multiple mediums to convey his messages. From sculptures to collages, fashion to jewelry, his passion lies in the process of transforming an already existing object into something new.
PHILIP KARTO products are handcrafted in our Miami-based atelier by expert artisans. Their Alligator line is exclusively fabricated in Florida. This leather is particularly durable and can last a lifetime with proper care. Because each hide has a unique pattern of “tiles” or scales, every item produced is one-of-a-kind from the start.

Philip Karto LV 2.jpg

Produced at an average of three bags (3) bags a day; vintage luxury handbags are completely taken apart, hand painted, and re-assembled with suede handles, exotic leather and silver 925 details.
All of the above-mentioned bag styles are known for their double-sided design: an impactful image paired with an inspirational, funny or unusual quote to match.

Inspired by Rock and Roll, motorcycles and urban culture this high-end leather brand’s motto is: Disassemble, Modify, Transform. The use of premium acrylic leather paint promises for a long-lasting design.
All of their luxury vintage handbags are purchased at certified auctions.

Philip Karto LV 1.jpg