Mickey Demos Boxing 1 Year Anniversary

Miami has always been known for its health conscious, fitness oriented locals. With new workout crazes and ‘progressive’ teaching styles popping up every other week, it’s refreshing to be able to turn to a classic; and a local one at that! Mickey Demos Boxing Studio has been providing fitness classes to Miami locals, designed by Demos Jr. himself, a University of Miami Boxing Coach and founder of the Mickey Demos Fitness Method. This is Miami’s ultimate no frills approach to staying fit, and it’s proud to call Miami Ironside its new home.

Relocating their studio to Ironside last year has proved to be yet another successful turning point for the boxing legend. After years of acclaimed recognition, Demos re-opened its doors in Miami’s new, up and coming Upper East Side neighborhood. And on March 5th 2016 Mickey Demo’s will be celebrating its official One Year Anniversary at Miami Ironsides Bocce Piazza. Come join us for a night full of celebration! Meet the staff and gym members that have made Demo’s into the institution it is today.